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The Web group focuses on developing a system that makes people's lives comfortable. We mainly develop two kinds of systems.
The first one is a web based literature searching system etc. The second one is an eye tracking system using eye gaze information.
Also the Web group maintains and manages the laboratory servers.

Demonstration of research

  • Developing communication tool inside the laboratory:

    This is a system for facilitating the communication of the laboratory in order to communicate in between the lab members. The objective of the research is to produce more convenient system by linking the entry and exit management system and the schedule management system

  • Development of applications using eye tracking

    The group is designing a variety of applications using line-of-sight information of the user. Presently, we develop a user assistance system.

Demonstration of development

  • Chat system

    The system is used to communicate in the laboratory. Figures below are showing the features of chat system as screenshots. Right side screenshot is describing the message destination. Left button side of screenshot is showing the availability and schedules of the laboratory members. Top left screenshot is showing attendance registration , information.

  • A questioner system to comprehend the priorities of user:

    Even though a web based questioner system is far better than convectional paper survey method, there are problems occurred due to the carelessness of the user while answering the questionnaire. Carelessness of user is potential to upload wrong information. To overcome this problem, we have developed eye-track based survey system, which can be determined by calculating the time taken to fill the answer. Time is very reliable parameter to analyze the reliability of the answers given by the users.

  • Past studies
  • Gaze pointing system

    In this system, the mouse pointer follows the line of sight. This system can also perform click action with blinking.

  • File management system

    The system has been developed to upload the past research papers, master theses, presentation materials etc. Other users can search and download the materials.

  • Social Reading system

    This is mainly used to highlight some of the features and important notes, and to add more comments in the PDF documents from user in order to get better idea about document to the next user.

  • Literature management system

    It is a system for storage and management of papers, books, web pages. It is used to automatically refer to the publication details.

  • Book management system

    The system manages the books in the laboratory and we can easily enter the records of the books by using a barcode reader. In the future, the book management system is planned to corporate with the file management system and the literature management system.

  • Digital Signage

    By holding your student ID card and mobile phone in FeliCa, it is a system for displaying the schedule of laboratory events. In the future, it can be corporates with other researches like the entry and exit management system and the schedule management system.

  • Entry and exit management system

    This is a system for managing the entry and exit of users. Users can perform the entry and exit management by a personal IC chip of laboratory.

  • Schedule management system

    This is a system for displaying the schedules of individuals and study of each group on the calendar. It can also send automatic email to the members of the lab when entering an appointment. It is in conjunction with the entry and exit management system, we can check the attendance of the laboratory members on the browser.

  • Meeting minutes system

    This is a system to record the contents of each research and meeting that takes place in the laboratory. We can add more details and make edits in real time.

  • Account centralized management system

    It is a system that collectively registers an account that has been registered one by one in the browser until now.

Demonstration of research and development environment

Web group is developing mainly in the following environment.

  • Eye Tracker
    Name : Tobii Eye Tracker
    Display mounted type
    Acquired data : Gazing point coordinates、Acquisition time
    Development languages : C, C#, Unity ,and so on

  • Eye Tracker
    Name : JINS MEME ESR
    Head mounted type
    Sensor : Eye potential sensor, gyro sensor, acceleration sensor
    Development languages : C# , and so on

  • Server
    OS : Debian
    Web server: Apache HTTP Server
    Development languages: Ruby,Java , and so on
    Framework :Ruby on Rails

    In addition, to install and manage servers in the laboratory is also one of the responsibilites of Web group.

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Research activities in AL-lab are divided mainly into three groups: